Food as medicine: The best nutrients for breast milk:

As women, we have a few responsibilities, not only to look after ourselves before and during pregnancy, eating in ways which boost our own & bubs health, but also once baby comes into our lives.


So what foods help our breast milk to be rich in the best nutrients for your bub?


The healthy fats are a huge benefit to not only mum’s health, preventing post natal depression, resupplying her hair and skin with shine and radiance, but for bub too!

Healthy fats, particularly the omega 3 fatty acids found in chia seeds and flax seeds, travel through the breast milk and help protect bub from skin problems, rashes, eczema, allergies and brain and emotional issues.


In an fascinating study published in a well renowned medical journal, it was found that severely mentally unwell patients, including schizophrenic patients, had very low levels of omega 3 fatty acids present in their brain tissue, and it was hypothesized that their low levels from a young age, could have very likely contributed to their state of mental un-wellness!


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