Weet-bix is a Perfect Food???

Ok, so last night I saw an add which said that according to the government, ‎weetbix‬ is the newest perfect health food with a 5 out of 5 in the new ‪#‎healthstarrating‬ system!!! Seriously? Not even close!! What’s wrong with these people??? We r talking about highly processed wheat bars that raise your blood sugar levels in unstable ways, that contain no noticeable nutrients, possibly containing a bit of fibre and fortified with engineered nutrients because they lack so many!! And this is meant to b the healthiest food we have?!? They decided not to rate what they consider “non-nutrient” foods, such as green or black tea, often in medical journals for being able to prevent obesity, cancers and disease and that contain over 7000 varying biochemical molecules within them, while most other foods only contain around 2000. But weetbix is still the perfect food in comparison! Was anybody who actually understands nutrition on the board to design the criteria? What part of their system addresses foods with available vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, Organic vs. conventional, GMO vs. Non-GMO, or foods containing nutrients scientifically proven to prevent obesity or disease, cause I’m pretty sure processed wheat bars don’t stack up! So if broccoli has plastic around it, it could get what, 20 out of 5 then?? Water= 15 out of 5??? Air in a jar??…..I could go on……‪#‎healthstarratinglabellingdisappointing‬!!!


Published by honnutrition

Qualified Nutritionist, Health Writer, Nutritional Journalist. Nerdy with a touch of class.

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