Testimonial From One of my Vegan meets Paleo Contestants this year

Earlier this year I decided to trial my first diet comp for only 4 weeks.

I like aspects of the Paleo diet, such as the concept of high protein, whole foods, low in gluten carbs, but I don’t agree with all the animal protein, so I joined it with a vegan slant, of being very plant based and dairy free.

All my contestants did really well, here’s a testimony from one of them:

“I loved it!! I wasn’t aiming to loose any weight but lost 4 kg’s my skin cleared up to amazing and after a few days of coffee withdrawals I had heaps of energy, sleeping well and feel so calm, I’ve kept up clean eating and introduced meat back in a little but haven’t had coffee other than the odd decaf since the first week in January. One thing that surprised me was that the skin on my thumbs is always cracked, I thought it was from lots of gardening but when I quit meat the skin on my hands and fingers as really smooth as well!! Thanks a bunch it was really easy and fun to do and I’m so glad I did, hope you are well, love us x Holly Fernance”


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