Coconut Banana Chia Breakfast Bowl


-1/4 cup chia seeds

-3/4 cup, filtered water

-1 cup coconut cream

-1 tbs. raw organic honey

-1/2 tsp. cinnamon

-1 tsp. raw cacao


In a medium bowl place the chia seeds and water, stir and allow to set for 10 minutes, then add all other ingredients and blend with blender such as a Vitamix or hand held stick blender.


Cover with cling wrap and place in fridge until set. (6-8 hours)


Then top with options of:

-Banana sliced


-Pecan nuts

-Coconut pieces

-Chia seeds

-Goji berries

-Sliced kiwi fruit

-Raw cacao nibs








Published by honnutrition

Qualified Nutritionist, Health Writer, Nutritional Journalist. Nerdy with a touch of class.

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