My 5 Year Old Client, Bryce, with epilepsy


I haven’t previously spoken about my clients, but I decided it might be time to occasionally share some stories.


Many people think I only treat clients in the arena of weight loss, and while I do, I have a whole other side of varied clientele including children with behavioral issues and adults with gut, hormonal or fertility concerns, to name a few.


Five-year-old Bryce first came to see me for ‘myoclonic epilepsy in infancy’, a form of epilepsy that presents as frequent seizures throughout the day and night.


Specialists had told his mum that symptoms could only be treated with very strong medications, and there was no natural alternative.


Bryce’s mum decided drugs were not the way to go for them, and wanted to try a natural approach first.


When I first saw little Bryce a few months ago, he was experiencing between 8-15 seizures a day, and continuously all through the night.

He was extremely tired, and was also experiencing profound separating anxiety, social anxiety, poor concentration and violent mood swings, all of which were affecting his ability to learn, as well as how he experienced the world.


After I designed a diet plan for him and his lovely mother diligently removed all dairy, gluten (wheat, barley, rye, oats, vegemite, biscuits, thickeners, pastries, etc.…) from his diet.

As well as the removal of all additives: (any numbers on the backs of packets), sugar, soft drinks, junk food, treats and processed foods and we placed him instead, on whole foods and a couple of very simple but helpful supplements, he dramatically improved in all area’s in a relatively short time!


Bryce came to see me last week and his separation anxiety and social anxiety had disappeared.

It was the first time in his life he was able to sleep in his own bed all night without his mum being there.

His ability to concentrate and learn had greatly improved!

And very importantly, he was down to 1 epileptic seizure a week instead of between 8-15 a day!


Nothing other than Bryce’s nutrition was changed over this several month period!

This is a very clear picture, and not my only example, of how simply changing ones diet, can profoundly affect the biochemistry of the entire body.


This is my field: Food as Medicine. You really are what you eat!!


Bryce’s mum: “I just want to say how very grateful I am for your help and support, and how committed I was to doing what ever needs to be done to improve things. I thought if his seizures reduced I’d be happy but never could I of imagined how greatly every aspect of our lives could have improved!

I enjoy parenting again and am positive his epilepsy will reduce to zero symptoms and he’ll lead a full happy life (which is not the story I was originally given by the medical specialists, at time of diagnosis)”

Holly Fernance


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