The Bacteria in our mouth predicts whether we get cavities or plaque

It’s Sunday, and I probably am meant to be resting, but I don’t know how to and this topic has been on my mind since interviewing Dentist Stevin Lin.

We spoke on many fascinating topics in regards to nutrition, oral health and general health, but we also spoke on how the predominant species of bacterial communities we hold in our mouths can effect whether we are the kind of people who are more prone to cavities, or plaques.

And the types of cavity forming bacteria can apparently be easily transferred from one person to another through sharing food or drink. Meaning, you can potentially catch cavities through trying someones tasty strawberry smoothie!!!

But what is stuck in my brain is- why can’t it go the other way too? Can people who have great oral bacteria and are free of cavities, spread their good bacteria to others, helping them fight cavities too?



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