Home Made Meal Comps- Inspire Health

It started as a quiet competition between myself and one of my work colleagues, and has now turned into a social media event!! #Homemademealcomps is a chance to push yourself, show your skills and inspire others to be healthier! With #obesity and #diabetes on the rise, and with 95% attributed to #diet and lifestyle factors,Continue reading “Home Made Meal Comps- Inspire Health”

Could a Purple Plum from Queensland beat Obesity and Dementia?

As a nutritionist I’m a huge fan of using food as medicine, and here in Queensland we’ve had a scientific breakthrough on a fruit that is showing great promise in the health arena. Professor Lindsay Brown of the University of Southern Queensland, head researcher of The Metabolic Syndrome Research Team, with Dr. Sunil Panchal, isContinue reading “Could a Purple Plum from Queensland beat Obesity and Dementia?”