Why are we sick?

Welcome to my new website and first blog since being rebranded to Noosa Nutrition. I’m going to cover a bunch of topics and aim to interview a bunch of interesting people, but today, let’s first look at Chronic inflammation. The majority, if not all chronic diseases from obesity, to cancer, to alzheimers, to depression, to diabetes to hayfever and so on, all fall under the umbrella of being heavily associated with chronic inflammation. But what is it? Well normal inflammation is present when we injure ourself, it’s the body’s way of cleaning out and repairing the area. Let’s take an example, you’ve just slammed your toe in the door. It’s injured, rapidly becoming hot, red, swollen, with a throbbing pain. This is inflammation. And is actually very helpful to the body in this case, as varying hormones and cells are signalled to clean up, flush out, even kill suspicious cells and heal the area. 

But what happens when that inflammatory response is not turned off? 

If your body doesn’t stop circulating these highly reactive killer & immune cells, and over responsive healing cells, you can become sick as remodelling of tissue, organs, actions and responses gradually takes place. If the inflammatory response isn’t switched off, this over protectiveness of the immune system becomes harmful and leads to a cascade of more disorders and this is chronic inflammation.

 It’s a bit like someone’s put heavy metal music on in your home and the volume is turned way up. You already have a headache and no one is there to turn it down or off. You adapt by plugging your ears with noise cancelling ear plugs, you’re gritting your teeth, your body posture changes.  You walk hunched over now, you can’t hear people talking anymore, your back hurts, your legs hurt, you’re grinding your teeth, not sleeping, becoming grumpy, low in energy, you reach for more easy quick fuels like coffee and sugar to sustain you, you put weight on in response and you feel more pain as the sugar fuels the inflammation.

But the good news is, it can all be lessened through particular foods, drinks herbs and spices. Equally, inflammation can be exaggerated through particular foods and drinks. So now we understand inflammation, over the next coming few weeks, we’ll be looking at the factors that can halt it. Next Monday; Cherries.      


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