Dr. Karl Says: “Don’t Trust Any Nutritionists”! What????

I don’t usually do this because I’m a peaceful person but today I heard Dr Karl Kruszelnicki’s broadcast on nutrition and health on ABC News triple j and was flabbergasted that he made such incorrect and offensive comments: that “No nutritionists should be trusted”!! So I wrote this letter:

I am a fully qualified nutritionist, who did the full 3 years of study to gain that title.
I did 3 years of anatomy and physiology and pathology, 3 years of chemistry and biochemistry, 3 years of straight nutrition, not to mention all the other components.
Many of my lecturers also lectured at Sydney Uni, in medicine.

I then went on to complete a health science degree with more years of biochemistry, pathology, anatomy and nutrition.

Much of my work is based around interviewing scientists, professors and doctors in the field of health and nutrition, so I understand their latest research, share the truth and can convey that to my readers and clients.

Are we not on the same side here, trying to fight the same battle?

Yes, I agree strongly that I am very concerned for the general public by all these instagram queens, online personas, varying nutrient coaches, quick online pretend nutrition courses and celebrities creating fad and extreme diets!

It’s an important health issue that needs real addressing!!
But it is supremely offensive to make blanket statements such as “all nutritionists are bad, they all get their qualifications after a 3 week course”, it is completely incorrect!

Look where similar blanket statements get us:

“All carbs are bad”, “All animal protein is bad” “All meat is Good” “Eating only banana’s is the best diet ever!”

It is more wise to make statements that are correct and truthful, that are usually somewhere in the middle. Such as: “be aware of people calling themselves ‘nutritionists, health guru’s, wellness advocates or who have no qualifications at all in the area of health and are trying to sell you something, as they may be giving poor advice. Ask them how long did it take to complete their studies and where did they gain their qualifications from”?

This would be a far more accurate way to give people a chance to make up their own minds about who they are getting advice or weight loss packages from, who may have no qualifications whatsoever but who look good on a tropical beach in a bikini and have large followings online!!

I expect and hope that you make these distinctions crystal clear next time you are on air to be fair to those of us who have done the hard yards, done the time, are passionate about helping people and are following the science to get there!

Honor Tremain
Actual Qualified Nutritionist


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