The #Paleo #Diet; Is it Killing us?

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It’s changed forms slightly over time but the #Paleo #diet was originally based on the idea that eating a high animal protein, low carbohydrate, high #fat diet with little to no #sugar, #grains, #legumes or #dairy is perfect for #health.


This concept was fully weighted in the theory that our #Paleolithic ancestors were some of the leanest and healthiest people to date. While the supporting argument was that our growth as a society had been too rapid for our bodies and #genetic intelligence to adapt, leaving us with #obesity, #metabolic disorders, high blood pressure, cancer and #cardiovascular disease. All symptoms of our modern western diet.


The Paleo diet started with the explosion of the high protein, low carb revolution, so the base of the diet is protein: grass fed meats, fish and seafood, some non-starchy vegetables and fruit, eggs, nuts, seeds and healthy oils.


But there is a major problem: do we actually know the long-term impact of this type of diet on our modern day bodies? We can’t study our Paleolithic ancestors whose diet we’re copying because, well, they no longer exist.


Interestingly, what we do know about them is most died around the ages of 30 years old. Too young to ever show up as having age-related illnesses such as cancer, metabolic syndrome or cardiovascular disease, which were the main testimonials for following the Paleo diet in the first place!


What is the science saying?

Read the full article and the scientific findings at


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