Have a Cherry Christmas!!


 Cherries are super delicious but did you know they are overflowing with health giving properties too? They can prevent premature aging, relieve pain and even add years to your life.


Cherries are a rich source of flavonoid antioxidants, similar to that of blueberries, but cherries contain a unique set of anthocyanin type antioxidants, which are what gives them their purple type colour.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with this group of antioxidants for having the ability to switch off inflammation, trigger weight loss and prevent and slow multiple disease states.


A scientific study found that while the antioxidant on it’s own packed a powerful punch, the whole cherry actually proved to be more beneficial to health with the combined factors working together in a synergistic way. In simple terms- according to this study, eating cherries are better for you then taking a tablet with their same isolated antioxidants present in them.


The antioxidants in cherries work by preventing damage to cells and tissues that often occurs when coming into contact with free radicals.

Free radicals are molecules which are naturally produced when we eat, and are also manufactured in great numbers when we ingest or inhale: cigarette smoke, drugs, chemicals, burnt foods, sugar, fructose, junk food and over exposure to the sun. This free radical damage can then lead to such conditions as pre-mature ageing, inflammation and possibly cancer.


The compounds within cherries have been identified to switch off these free radicals, not allowing them to do their damage, thus, being very useful for preventing and treating: gout, inflammation, migraines, some cancers, arthritis pain, premature ageing, sleep disorders and much more- so this year, enjoy a very cherry Christmas, filled with health and happiness!


Next week’s article will be on how to prep for a January detox recovery time.


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