Food Effects Your Childs Behavior


Did you know that what you feed your child goes on to help make up every single cell in their entire little body? This includes their gut cells, muscle cells and even their brain cells!


It makes sense then, why when you enter many fast food chain restaurants, you see a bunch of kids going a bit banana’s, either tantruming, running around in circles, being super hyperactive or just basically having emotional meltdowns. It is not a coincidence that it often happens in these places!


The food we eat literally makes us, so if you eat processed foods full of additives (numbers on the backs of packet foods), artificial colours, flavor enhances or full of sugar or artificial sweeteners, our body almost dosen’t know what to do with them and becomes confused in some of its functions, and strange behaviors or poorer learning can be exhibited.


I treat many children with behavioral or learning difficulties in my clinic in Hervey Bay, and when we take them off these foods as well as gluten and dairy, which are two very powerful but hidden culprits too, the child’s ability to learn, demeanor and character very often completely return to normal.


I always take my hat off to the mum’s and family members who adhere to these dietary changes with their children, because it is easier to feed our children junk these days on one hand, but they and you sure pay the consequences for it.


Next week’s article will be on the health benefits of cherries


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