Help Me, I need a Coffee!!


Ok, so a few days ago I decided it was time to give away with coffee.

I do a Swiss detox every 6 months and it was time, plus you give up coffee for this, but once I finished the detox I thought, maybe I’m better off without the delicious, amazing medicinal drink we know of as coffee.

Seven days on and I’ve been rude to pretty much everyone I know; my family, friends, my boss, some fans who were nice enough to take the time to write in about how great a recipe of mine looked, plus could I look at theirs, being that they consider me “a pro”. Yep, all of those guys got a feisty rant of some kind!!

I’m sitting here, my head still hurts, my eyes are all bleary and I really want to cave, like BAD!!

Good quality, brewed coffee does have some amazing heath benefits, being super high in antioxidants and containing around 7000 biochemical molecules, many of which look to be health promoting. Most other foods only contain 2000!

But I just wanted to see if I could do life without it…honestly, I’m not sure!!

Let’s see how I go.


Published by honnutrition

Qualified Nutritionist, Health Writer, Nutritional Journalist. Nerdy with a touch of class.

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