Diabetes Prevention and Treatment 


With many parts of Queensland being exposed as being in the “grip of a Diabetes epidemic” and having some of the highest rates of Diabetes in Australia, lets look at some of the natural ways to treat, potentially reverse and prevent the illness.


Because Diabetes Type 2 is around 90% diet and lifestyle related, there’s a lot a person can do. Eating small but regular meals is key to keeping our blood sugar levels stable. Having a small snack, particularly one that contains some protein, like raw nuts, seeds, hummus with crackers or vegetable sticks every 3 hours is a great way to prevent significant rises or falls in the sugars and insulin being released into our blood stream.


Foods and drinks to avoid are soft drinks, weather its diet or regular, most of the sweet breakfast cereals, white breads, white pasta’s, sweets, chocolates, ice cream, pastries, fruit drinks, cordials, even too much fruit, dried fruit, sugar, honey, jams, marmalade, and hidden culprits like tomato sauce, where the first and therefore biggest ingredient is ‘sugar’.

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