Treating Depression Through Art

Nadine Hamilton owner of Studio Revamp in Doonan with Icons painted by Liz Coggins. October 2015.
Nadine Hamilton owner of Studio Revamp in Doonan with Icons painted by Liz Coggins. October 2015. Photographs by Kent Milklenda

Depression rates are on the rise, and it can be a very challenging time for the person experiencing it and for those around them. The most basics tasks become a misery. People often experience feelings of apathy, depleted will power, and feelings of being drained and exhausted. Many people don’t know how to get out of depression without medications.


But art therapy can be a great medicine for easing depression. Visiting art galleries and taking in the beautiful colours , shapes and pictures can soothe the most hardened soul.

These days most of us are constantly bombarded with horrible images that seep into a part of ourselves and add to the burden of feeling negative through television, our computers on social media and in the news

One of the greatest remedies for this is to filter what you allow yourself to be exposed to while increasing beautiful, happy and uplifting images and surroundings, which we absorb and have the added benefit of making us happier.


A brand new art gallery and summer art exhibition in Noosa has just begun; the pieces are beautiful and inspirational icons. “This art surprisingly, has a powerful effect on people no matter how simple or elaborate their style”. Says coordinator Viola Cox.


The images can sometimes be confronting to our modern eye because of their composition and unusual proportions – making them almost abstract. But this was done intentionally, even in the past, to shock us and tell of something other than the natural world is being spoken of – something mysterious; and hoping to engage us in that mystery.


The icons visiting Noosa this summer are modern renditions of ancient images carrying on a 2000 year old tradition. They have been painted in the last few years by 3 Sydney women dedicated to teaching love and compassion through their artwork.


So come and allow your spirit to be moved and uplifted, while enjoying exquisite artwork, and other lovely artefacts at Noosa’s new Gallery.

Contact: Nadine 07-5449 1889 at Studio Revamp, 791 Noosa Eumundi Rd, Doonan and check the Facebook page for more details.


Other helpful therapies are:


-Regular Exercising

-Eating healthy foods, high in vitamins and minerals, such as vegetables, fresh proteins and fruits.

-Omega 3 fatty acids are very helpful- such as through chia seeds, fish oil and flax seed oil.

-Probiotics are great.

-St Johns Wort, such as Floradis, Remotiv is very good.

-Speak to me, your natural health practitioner or doctor on which therapy may be best suited for you.


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