Vegan diets vs. Paleo diets, what’s the healthiest? By nutritionist Honor Tremain



The hottest diet trends right now is the #Paleo diet. It consists of eating a whole food based diet, lots of meat, seafood, fish, some dairy, some eggs, and fruit and vegetables. Grains and legumes are avoided.


It is touted as being the healthiest around. In some cases, it is. To eat a diet based on whole foods no matter what else is amazingly good for your health! And to eat a diet high in animal protein has undeniably great benefits for your weight. But what about the rest of your health, for Paleo man only lived to an average age of 30 years old, so something wasn’t working for them.


On the other side of the dietary pendulum we have veganism, which is the consumption of anything that hasn’t come from an animal. The diet is plant based and void of meat, seafood, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy and honey. There are many health benefits, but there is a downside, it is becoming so common for #vegans to be overweight that they have their own groups called thing’s like: “What Fat Vegans Eat”, so again, a potential problem here too.


In 2014 The University of Sydney and The University of Southern California released groundbreaking news on how protein, fat and carbohydrate ingestion impacted health, weight and ageing.


They discovered a high animal protein and low carb diet had positive effects on weight, although lifespan was remarkably shorter and general health was poorer!


‘The test subjects were four times more likely to die of cancer or diabetes than the lower meat protein eaters, whilst cardiovascular disease and ageing were greatly accelerated’! University of Sydney


While those on a high plant based diet had remarkable results with little to no disease present and longer lifespans, but weight was slightly higher.

So what’s the key? I have my opinion.

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