Home Made Meal Comps- Inspire Health


It started as a quiet competition between myself and one of my work colleagues, and has now turned into a social media event!!

#Homemademealcomps is a chance to push yourself, show your skills and inspire others to be healthier! With #obesity and #diabetes on the rise, and with 95% attributed to #diet and lifestyle factors, decreasing the amount of takeaway and fast foods is a great idea.

So post any of your healthy meals, snacks, smoothies or juices onto my Facebook pages for the next 2 weeks, and enter the comp. There some great prizes on offer such as a free consultation with me, a signed copy of my book, gift vouchers and much more!!!

Visit https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008489025634 and use the tags: #homemademealcomps #relishfrasercoast #frasercoastfresh and #adietinparadise


Published by honnutrition

Qualified Nutritionist, Health Writer, Nutritional Journalist. Nerdy with a touch of class.

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