Understanding The Paleo Diet


In a world obsessed with diets and weight loss, and in a modern society slowly declining into a multitude of health disasters, we need something to rescue us. We keep hoping for a magical pill to fix the obesity epidemic overnight, but it turns out losing weight takes work and effort of a consistent kind. And if we were to be completely honest with ourselves, weight gain came under almost the same pretense, albeit it was probably more ‘over-work’ and stress, combined with consistent unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices, but the similarity is there.


Could anything save us? Possibly the Paleo Diet.

According to the founder of the Paleo Diet: Dr. Loren Cordain, the fundamental changes to the human diet and way of living that occurred after the Neolithic and Industrial revolution was simply not enough time for us to genetically adapt to these vast alterations; and this is his theory to explain the occurrence of most diseases of the modern civilization.

Primitive times were hard and challenging, yet our bodies apparently thrived. We were according to some studies, stronger, fitter, leaner, our muscles bigger, bones denser, with less diseases and illnesses. Bring it back to this modern day, and if we look at our indoor, sedentary, overfed existence, we are obese, unwell, and unmotivated.


So this brought about the concept of recreating a primitive, Paleolithic diet for ourselves, of when we were perhaps our healthiest- and we’ll call it the “Paleo Diet.”

The Paleo diet started in amongst the ‘high protein, low carb’ revolution. You are allowed to eat grass fed meats, fish and seafood, non-starchy vegetables and fruit, eggs, nuts and seeds and healthy oils like olive, walnut, flaxseed. You avoid: All grains, potatoes, dairy and processed foods.

The Paleo diet has changed significantly over the years, making some question it’s authenticity, but we’ll discuss this next week.DSC07691



Next week we’ll look at what science has to say about eating a Paleo diet.


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