Amazing Ginger


DSC04059For centuries ginger has been used in everyday Eastern cooking as a flavor, but as more research is emerging it is also being viewed as a very potent medicine.


Multiple studies have now shown ginger can be used like a natural antibiotic- killing off bacteria and infections. One particular study showed that in comparison with conventional antibiotics, ginger killed the infection ‘golden staph’ more effectively.

Whilst fungal infections are some of the hardest to treat, ginger seems to be able to help combat them too.

Diabetes is on the rise, and ginger has been found to not only treat the signs and symptoms, including lessening the peaks and falls in blood sugars, but could potentially prevent diabetes from even forming to those who are susceptible.


Ginger has the ability to increase blood flow and circulation, so eating ginger can make a person feel naturally warmer in the cooler months, as well as decrease one very unpleasant side effect of diabetes- lowered circulation to the extremities- sometimes leading to amputation of limbs, if the situation isn’t improved.

Using ginger to treat nausea due either to pregnancy, chemotherapy, travel sickness or other causes, has long been found to be highly effective. Some studies found that in treating the nausea due to chemotherapy – ginger proved more beneficial than the recommended medications.

Ginger and the gut have a great relationship too, where the herb can additionally ease stomach pain and inflammation, and some research has suggested the use of ginger could prevent gastric ulcers from forming.


The health benefits of ginger continues from cancer treatments, to improving arthritis, gout, menstrual pain and even heartworm in dogs.


So add 1 tsp. of fresh chopped ginger to soups or stir fry’s you are cooking, or make a ginger tea by pouring boiling water over a small nob and add honey and enjoy.


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