Thankful Thursdays

Peter Spitzer & PatchAdams

It’s thankful Thursday, and I have these 2 men to thank for originally inspiring it a few years ago.

I once met and looked after these very charismatic and inspiring doctors- Dr. Patch Adams, who was made famous by the movie of the same name starring Robin Williams, and Australian clown doctor, the late Peter Spitzer, while in Sydney for an international health summit.

Patch’s concepts on health and depression are: that none of us ever need to live another bad or unhappy day- ever!

The secret to this is to look for and find the joy in your life, and celebrate it right now. Ever day, find something to be happy about, grateful for, to laugh at, that you find ridiculous no matter how big or small it may be.
These men are what inspired the beginning of my “thankful Thursday,” a regular Thursday post on social media dedicated to what I’m grateful for, as I believe this spreads, like a smile, to hopefully effect others to reflect on the good in their own lives.

Focusing on the positives is key not only to bringing vitality, happiness and joy to your life right now, but long term this benefits your health on may levels from boosting immune cells to fight off illness, to helping us age with less wrinkles (apparently).

Due to Patch and Peter’s work, there are now ‘clown units’ or ‘clowning programs’ in hospitals all over the world where it is being medically viewed that laughter and happiness can boost a patient’s recovery and response to illness.

It’s so easy to look at the all negative around us, or the imperfections in our own life, keeping our focus on sadness.
Feeling sad makes us physically more prone to some infections and illnesses.

“If you’ve got food and a friend, what are you crying about?” Patch asks. He believes that depression and feeling down is somewhat a choice, a selfish choice. Now this may ruffle some feathers, but is it not true that when we forget to be depressed and lose ourselves in an exhilarating or unexpected joyous moment- we feel better?

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Photo- Dr. Patch Adams (right) hamming it up with Aussie Clown Doctor- Peter Spitzer.


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