Can We Catch Dental Cavities???



I had an interview a few months ago with wonderful dentist, Dr. Steven Lin from Dental Hub in Sydney, and we spoke on many topics relating to how nutrition, oral health and general health could all influence each other.


We also touched on how cavities can be spread from one person to another, through food or drink sharing.

And how this is a very common scenario. Particularly between parents that may have active cavities, and the bacteria present that are involved with that process, can very easily be transferred to their own toddlers or children, through sharing wattle bottles, or foods.


According to many in the dental health world, there are two most common types of people, and it is the specific types of bacterial communities present in our mouths, that can directly effect whether we are the sort of person to be more prone to cavities or plaques.


But a question has stayed with me since this interview.


While a person with oral bacteria that can potentially set up someone for more dental cavities, can easily be transmitted onto someone else. What about the people who have the good oral bacteria, that often get plaque instead of cavities, can they spread their good luck around too?


Could someone with great oral health and all the right bacteria, transfer this to others to prevent their future cavities?


I am not sure, but I’d love to know.


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