Anti-Ageing Secrets From Around The World


What is ageing? Can anything slow it down?

Ageing is basically defined as a cells gradual decline in function and number of pre-programmed cell divisions until it reaches the point of ‘cell destruction’ and death.

Can anything help keep our cells behaving and looking younger?

Yes! Let’s look at some anti ageing practices from around the globe.



  • Dry Brushing.

US Dr. and Naturopath- Bernard Jensen made it famous when he discovered how beneficial it was to his patients. It is considered the most efficient form of exfoliating, tones & tightens the skin and body, skin look younger and firmer, reduces fluid retention, decreases cellulite, and you feel great!

  • Green and black tea:

Researches questioned why people in Japan were some of the youngest looking for their age, as well as having the lowest rates of cancer in the world, and they found the powerful antioxidants within green and black tea were why.

  • Sleep:

The department of neuroscience at Uppsala University in Sweden discovered that not only does adequate sleep make us more physically attractive to others; it also keeps our body weight lower & keeps us healthier in general.

  • Cold shower therapy:

Used throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, cold shower therapy helps circulation, tightens your body and skin, increases skin radiance, and increases energy and mood.

  • Turmeric:

Helps with weight loss & obesity.

Physically stops a cell from ageing after sun or free radical exposure by stopping collagen breakdown.

And even protects the brain from developing Alzheimer’s disease by preventing beta-amyloid plaque build up there. It’s best taken with black pepper and or cayenne pepper, to allow greater absorption.


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