What Are These Colours Doing To Me?

 Last week we looked at some common food additives we regularly ingest that have negative side effects. Today let’s look at some of the hidden colours in our foods, many of which are known to be dangerous to our health!


102- Tartazine= Yellow colour. Found in foods, sweets, beverages, medicines and cosmetics. It’s been documented to cause severe headaches, hyperactivity, depression, neurotoxicity, aggressive and disruptive behaviors, a carcinogenic and is prohibited from being added into foods for infants.


110- Sunset Yellow. Found in ice creams, jams, processed foods and medicines. It’s documented as causing vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, hay fever, and liver toxicity, also prohibited in foods for infants.


122- Azorubine= Red colour. Found in jelly, jams, mouthwash and some medicines. Noted to cause tantrums, dermatitis, hyperactivity, asthma and allergic reactions.


123- Synthetic Amaranth= Bluish red colour. Found in jams, drinks, sweets, and lipsticks. Documented as potentially causing kidney and liver problems, skin rashes, hyperactivity, dermatitis, gut issues and more.


127- Erythrosine=Cherry Red colour. Found in canned fruit, biscuits, glace’ cherries, toothpaste. Noted to affect thyroid function, cause learning difficulties, photosensitivity, suspected to cause cancer in animals.


155- Brown HT=brown. Banned in the US, Canada and Japan. Thought to be petroleum based. Triggers asthma, effects kidneys, hyperactivity and much more.


We take it for granted that our food is safe for us, yet as we’re spreading that 122 filled strawberry jam onto our processed white bread sandwich for our children, we scratch our heads as to why that same child may be displaying symptoms of hyperactivity moments later.

Could it be food related?


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