A Secret Underground Dinner Party


A few months ago I was whispered an invitation to a unique and exclusive underground dinner party. Run by two of Queensland’s, and possibly, Australia’s most exciting, talented and experimental up and coming young chefs: Japanese born Shohei Kishishita and Indonesian born Yudasahata Yogawa, with the extra hand of Hong Kong born Matthew (Pooh Bear) Cheung, who all additionally work from the highly acclaimed Coast Restaurant and Bar in Hervey Bay.


The boys secret dinner parties are booked up months in advance and I was privileged enough to sample some of their exquisite creations last night.                And it was a remarkable experience!


An eight-course banquet was delicately constructed before our eyes, using such rare ingredients as: aged “tuna bushi”, made in a similar way as katsuobushi.

Heirloom carrot/parsley roots were grown at home and the soil the vegetables were grown in was used in the sauce.

Black Cobia fish was used and caught locally.

Rye bread was made from scratch, including the sourdough starter. They also made their own preserved lemon for the sorbet, a homemade miso/soy sauce, mulberry vinegar, quince liqueur, pancetta, and a three months dry aged beef.


The Underground Menu for the night:


1 Prawns with prawn shell powder/garlic emulsion.

2 Chive poached black Cobia with tuna consommé (made with bloodline).

3 Rye bread with perfectly poached egg and fresh parsley oil.

4 “The dish that has never seen the sunlight”: parsley root salad with fermented ginger dressing, heirloom carrot, potato gnocchi in soil scented consommé, beetroot oil, Jerusalem artichoke skin.

5 Tofu sorbet with puffed quinoa and edible clay.

6 Strawberry Carpaccio, basil seed, coriander, pressure infused strawberry water.

7 Grass jelly and almond custard, goji berry. Finished off with:

8 “Frozen lemon wedge”(preserved lemon sorbet in candied lemon skin)


These extremely talented food artists have a bright future in front of them and we are lucky enough to have them right here on the Fraser Coast!

Can’t wait to see what they do next!







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