Cooking tips for Quinoa, brown rice, Amaranth & Legumes by Honor Tremain

Everyday or so, I am asked- ‘but how do I cook quinoa/amaranth/lentils or brown rice’, so here are the easy tips on how. And yes, they do contain nutrient blocking properties, but are easily removed by simply soaking these crazy high protein grains and legumes. It is best to soak these grains/legumes overnight (6-8hrs) for a number of reasons, one is some have a bitter chemical on their outer shell which will be removed with soaking, the other is easier cooking, and better absorption of minerals and vitamins when eaten.   -Rinse well in morning or after 6-8 hrs. of soaking.   Quinoa, amaranth, Brown rice= Place in saucepan with ¾ full of water, lid on, bring to boil and as soon as reach boil, turn down to a very low simmer for around 15 mins for Qunioa and Amaranth, and 20-25 mins for Brown rice. -You can tell when quinoa is cooked as it’s ‘halo’ will separate from it. Amaranth is cooked when it becomes sort of ‘gluggy’. Strain and serve.   Legumes= After soaking and rinsing, place the legumes in a medium saucepan, with ¾ full of water and lid on. Place on a high heat, and when they reach boil, remove the lid and keep boiling for 20 minutes or until cooked.


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