The Keys to Weight Loss and Health is in NOT Expecting to be Perfect!!

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With all these wellness and fitness warriors and bloggers suddenly coming clean as to being either fakes, or not what they appear to be, I’m wanting to ask- ‘where’s the integrity?’

Why pretend to be perfect or someone you’re not, when we’re all only human?

I went into one of my favourite health food shops today, and bought some organic rapadura sugar for the beautiful coffee I was clutching in my hand, and a person who knows I’m a nutritionist asked me: “aren’t you meant to be perfect and not have any sugar or coffee? We all expect you, of all people to be perfect!”

My answer is ‘nope’. I feel it’s quite damaging for people to expect themselves to be perfect, or to believe anybody is, because the truth is- nobody is!!

I eat exactly as I write in my book- ‘A Diet in Paradise’, I don’t pretend to be something I’m not, I eat very healthily for the majority, but I do have treats now and then and I don’t feel guilty over them.

I noticed in myself when I was overweight years ago, and others, that when the bar is set too high for perfection, we stumble- it’s only natural, then guilt and shame pop up and binge eating often follows.

Whereas, if you aim to eat your healthiest most of the time, and allow a treat once a week, there’s less shame, feelings of failure and bingeing,

Work with what you have, and be proud of your small consistent efforts towards health, because it’s the tortoise that wins in the end xox




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