How Do I Eat Seasonally?



For decades Swiss and European health experts have sung the praises of eating only foods which were grown local to your area and seasonal.

We have almost forgotten what eating with the seasons means because we simply don’t do it anymore, we have long-term cold food storage and imported fruits and vegetables from overseas, and we have all the foods we want all the time!

Eating seasonally means eating with the seasons, only what is naturally produced in your environment, where what is grown in winter is different to what is grown in the summer months.

The reason why eating seasonally is best is because throughout the differing seasons, our body requires different nutrients- for example- in Winter we usually need extra insulation or foods which are warming and stocky such as potatoes, pumpkins, and the root vegetables. While in summer we naturally want lighter fruits and vegetables such as the hydrating watermelon, lettuces, and tomato’s.

One way to eat seasonally is to eat organic fruit and veg. Not only do you limit your exposure to toxic chemicals and pesticides, but you are supporting local farmers too.

In fact once you remove processed foods, takeaways, and expensive out of season fruit and veg from your trolley, the cost of living organically can basically costs no more then eating conventionally, plus its also a major investment into our health for the future.


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