Fat busting tips after Eater

The Top 5 weight loss tips for now:

After the fun and celebrations of easter, it may be time to put down the chocolate and start back with the healthy eating, so here’s some tips to get you started:


  • Lower the sugar & carbs in your diet. There is now a huge debate going on in the science world that sugar & carbs, not fat, causes weight gain most significantly.
  • Eat more vegetables. Aim to eat between 6-8 different types of vegetables a day to gain the most nutrients, feel full on little calories & boost your health.
  • Use natural fat busting foods such as coconut oil, milk & cream, chia seeds, cayenne pepper, turmeric, purple carrots, cinnamon & apple cider vinegar.
  • Cut the alcohol. Alcohol is pure calories with no form of nutrients within. So this time of year, watch how much you celebrate.
  • Drink around 2L of water a day to stay hydrated, feel fuller & keep the skin looking younger and firmer.

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