Midges make Chocolate???

Now I’m no expert on chocolate, although I can’t deny that at the end of the week, I do love a good square or two of the dark kind, for all it’s enduring health qualities of course, and high antioxidant capacity, disease fighting ability and last but not least how delicious it is!

But did you know that the cocoa plant, where chocolate comes from, is completely reliant on several small and very annoying biting insect, that I am not at all a fan of, and that we have a large quota of right here in Queensland?

I’m talking about midges, yes, those almost invisible tiny insects that some people say pee on you, and others say bite you, only to often cause large and ridiculously itchy welts!

Well those guys help chocolate production by pollinating the cocoa’s flowers and turning them into fruit. Without this process, there would be no chocolate, which would be very sad.

So maybe I’ll try not to think bad thing’s about midges anymore while I’m enjoying my dark chocolate on Friday nights.


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